Who we are

LAGO Estructuras

About Us

We are based in Galicia and specialise in the manufacture and assembly of metal structures, where our high production capacity allows us to take on projects anywhere in the world.

Our philosophy

We are characterised by perseverance, technical knowledge, experience and the search for customer satisfaction. We continuously reinvest in technology and machinery, which allows us to achieve a higher performance in the projects we undertake.



Reinvestment -

LAGO Estructuras follows the principles of continuous reinvestment in technology and machinery.



Growth and Expansion -

Currently, LAGO Estructuras continues a steady growth and expansion without changing its convictions.


Financial capacity

Strength and Independence -

The growing and constant evolution that we have experienced since our origins, the result of our good work, has provided us with solidity and financial independence to face new challenges.

Grants and partially repayable loans for the financing of business investment projects in productive equipment