Who we are

Estructuras Lago

About Us

Our company "Montajes y Estructuras Lago, S.L." was founded in 2013 by R. Bahamonde, following his principles of perseverance, technical knowledge, experience and the priority of customer satisfaction. Since its creation, Estructuras Lago has grown solidly and uninterruptedly, establishing throughout the national and international territory, and with a delegation in the Netherlands, where it traditionally has a high workload.

Our philosophy

Nos caracteriza la reinversión continua en tecnología y maquinaria y la preferencia por el desarrollo de nuestras propias herramientas en todos los ámbitos: desde componentes para el montaje y fabricación de estructuras metálicas hasta nuestro propio software de gestión y hardware de control en nuestras instalaciones.



Reinvestment -

LAGO follows the principles of continuous reinvestment in technology and machinery.



Growth and Expansion -

At the present, Estructuras Lago maintains solid growth and expansion without changing its beliefs in any way.


Financial capacity

Strength and Independence -

Since our origins, we have maintained an enviable solidity and financial independence, as maximum respect for suppliers. In this way we have been able to successfully weather the worst years of the crisis in the construction sector, without losing our values.


The Montajes y Estructuras LAGO team is made up by operators, technicians and engineers from the metal structures sector, all with extensive careers and experience, in top-level projects, both nationally and internationally.

Bet on

the human factor -

The human factor is the key element, so that business projects, like ours, can move forward with firm growth and expansion.


highly specialized -

We carry out continuous internal improvements and count with the best and most qualified team, constantly promoting and motivating teamwork, in order to increase our productivity and obtain the best results.