New location

May 19, 2023

Objective: Improve the service offered to its customers

Montajes y Estructuras Lago, S.L.U. Our goal is to improve the service offered to our customers, which is why we have established ourselves in the Vilar do Colo Industrial Estate, an industrial area located between the municipalities of Cabanas and Fene. The new production unit has a surface area of ​​7,000 m2 and 11,000 m2 of field for reception, storage of raw materials and collection of finished product.

Proximity to the main port terminals in northern Galicia

Estructuras Lago, specialized in the manufacture and assembly of metal structures, has selected this location due to its proximity to the main industrial port terminals in the north of the Galician community, the port of Ferrol (15km), the outer port of Ferrol (24km), the outer port of de Coruña (55 km) and port of Coruña (49 km). The first three with capacity for oversized loads (heavy-lift) and wind power, the sector where the company is focusing its efforts.